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About Us

The Flax Council of Canada is a national organization which promotes Canadian flax and flax products for nutritional and industrial uses in domestic and international markets. Established in 1986 with full representation from all agricultural and industrial flax interests, the Flax Council promotes the advancement of flax and flax products. Located in downtown Winnipeg, the Council operates at the hub of Canada's grains and oilseed trade. 

The Council focuses the resources of the entire Canadian flax industry on flax market development, market and production research and crop promotion. Through its marketing initiatives and communication programs, the Flax Council creates worldwide market opportunities for flax. The Council has a strong research and technical emphasis, supporting flax-related research both with direct funding and indirectly as a coordinating forum.

The communications arm of the Council plays an important part in promoting flax. Using standard methods of information distribution plus every new avenue that today's technology can provide, the Council reaches out to the world with the good news about flax. Features from the Council's quarterly newsletter, Flax Focus, are available on-line.

The Flax Council maintains a wide network of experts upon whom it can call for support and assistance. It also works closely with flax producers, providing support for agronomic research, while directing research into the scientific needs of using flax as a food. The Council is leading the industry as the demand for flax in human health and nutrition increases.

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